Unsolved Mysteries 01 - The Perfect Murder

Unsolved Mysteries 01 : The Perfect Murder

  • 14 April 2017

Lucius just returned from work. He looked devastated. He couldn’t even walk properly because of all the drinking. The reason behind all this was a girl, a colleague of his who broke his heart.

That day Lucius got friend-zoned by the girl he loved.

Her name was Patricia. He also found out that she was engaged to his old friend Luke.

One thing that hurt Lucius the most is that Patricia and Luke both knew about his feelings from the very start and still kept everything a secret since it helped her gain the position she now has in the company they work for.

Lucius was not okay with any of it. He wanted to get her back. He wanted revenge.

  • 18 April 2017

Three days have gone by since the incident. Lucius has been attending office as if nothing has happened. But he had a plan. He wanted to make the most amount of damage no matter what it cost.

  • 19 April 2017

Lucius had asked Luke to help him exterminate the bee hive in his front garden since they’d been damaging his flowers. Luke wanted to use petrol to kill the bees but Lucius insisted on using cyanide because it’ll be quicker and less messy this way. Luke agreed with it since he was only purchasing the cyanide but not the one paying for it. Lucius paid for the entire expense.

  • 20 April 2017

The police have reported about the death of a middle-aged man named Lucius. He was found dead in his own house. There were clear signs of poisoning on his body. Police took the body with them and began an investigation.

  • 22 April 2017

Luke was arrested for the murder of Lucius Bennet. He purchased a lot of cyanide on the day of Lucius’s death and he was also the person who was last seen with Lucius. Lucius’s neighbour has claimed that he saw Luke drinking tea with Lucius a few hours before he died. The police also found the cup they drank tea from and confirmed that the tea was indeed poisoned.

  • 25 April 2017

Luke Emmi was sentenced to death for the murder of Lucius Bennet. He kept saying that it was all a setup but failed to prove anything.

  • 28 April 2017

Luke Emmi was executed by the order of the Supreme Court.

  • 30 April 2017

A lady named Patricia Baker has committed suicide by jumping off from the roof of the TA Association. Patricia used to work as an Assistant Secretary in the TA Association under Secretary Lucius Bennet. She left a short note behind which only said, ” I could not stay alive without you.”

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